What equipment is needed for recycling old aluminum?

Recycling old aluminum requires some specific equipment and tools, mainly including the following:

Crusher: used to crush old aluminum products (such as scrap aluminum alloy products, scrap aluminum cans, etc.) for subsequent processing.

Separation Equipment: used to separate aluminum from other materials (such as plastics, coatings, etc.). Common separation equipment includes magnetic separators, electric separators, etc.

Furnace: melt the separated aluminum to make it into aluminum materials or aluminum alloys again.

Compactor: compress the melted aluminum alloy or aluminum material for easy transportation and storage.

Cleaning Equipment: used to clean the recycled aluminum materials and remove surface dirt and residues.

Testing Equipment: used to test the quality and composition of recycled aluminum to ensure that it meets the requirements for reprocessing.

Other auxiliary equipment and tools: such as conveyor belts, agitators, heating equipment, etc., are used to improve recycling efficiency and quality.

These equipment and tools usually constitute a complete aluminum recycling processing line, which can effectively convert waste aluminum materials into reusable aluminum products, helping to reduce resource waste and environmental pollution.