Paint removal equipment for cans

Paint removal equipment for cans Dimension of the host machine 1.2*11.6m Processing capacity (kg/h) 400-1500kg/h Power 32-55kw Product Introduction The continuous charcoal making machine,…

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Biomass smelting furnace

Biomass smelting furnace Dimension 3.5*3*0.8m Capacity 100-200kg/h Power 1kw Product Introduction The Aluminum Ingot Melting Furnace is eco-friendly machine, which use the biomass pellet…

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Aluminum powder compactor

Aluminum powder compactor Motor 15-45*2Kw Main Cyl.Force 3140 Ton Bale Weight 32-45 Kg Productivity 5 Block/Min Product Introduction Aluminum Powder Compressing Machinery Metal Scrap…

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Horizontal can pressing machine

Horizontal can pressing machine Capacity (kg/h) 600-1200kg/h Rotor diameter (mm) 240-500mm Hydraulic power (kw) 2.2-5.5kw Weight (kg) 2800-7000kg Product Introduction Our waste scrap metal…

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Can flattening machine

Can flattening machine Shearing Width 1400mm Shearing Speed 3 times/min Motor Power 30KW*2 Shipping Weight 7.5-1905T Product Introduction The baler machine is mainly used…

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Aluminum plastic sorting and grinding production line

Aluminum plastic sorting and grinding production line Capacity 300-1000kg/h Power 62-170kw weight 7.5-1905T Product Introduction Our aluminum-plastic grinding production line can be used to…

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Aluminum plastic separator

Aluminum plastic separator Size 2000*1800*2450mm Power 18.5kw+3kw+0.75kw Maximum processing speed 50 m/min weight 2000kg Product Introduction A recycling machine is a specialized equipment for…

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Aluminum Plastic Recycling Machine

Aluminum Plastic Recycling Machine Capacity 300-1000kg/h Power 62-170kw weight 7500-19500kg Product Introduction Aluminum-Plastic Recycling Machine is used for recovery of waste aluminum-plastic materials, can…

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