Biomass smelting furnace




Product Introduction

The Aluminum Ingot Melting Furnace is eco-friendly machine, which use the biomass pellet for the melting of the furnace, no need for the gas or electricity, for process one ton alu ingot only needs about 200kg wood pellet, this way shrink a lot cost . and no pollution .

We have Biomass pellet burning type heating method and gas supply heating method. Biomass pellet burning pellet is much popular. Make full use of biomass waste, high heat value, the temperature can reaches 1200℃.Energy saving, for 1T aluminum melting,

Main machines::

The furnace adopts imported high grade refractory insulation materials. coupled with high density heat insulation board. so that the surface heat loss and heat radiation area of the furnace body is reduced. the surface temperature of the furnace body is about 45C, effectively achieve energy saving and stable quality of aluminum soup, improve the high temperature working environment. The crucible adopts is ostatic pressure graphite crucible, which has fast heat conduction and long service life. The furnace is easy to feed. easy to operate and maintain. suitable for smal and medium- sized aluminum processinc enterprises.