Aluminum plastic sorting and grinding production line

Aluminum plastic sorting and grinding production line




Product Introduction

Our aluminum-plastic grinding production line can be used to recycle various aluminum-plastic composite materials, such as medical blisters, aluminum-plastic panels, aluminum foil, aluminum-plastic packaging bags, etc.

The aluminum and plastic materials firstly crushed by the knife crusher into 10mm pieces, and then grinding by the water cooling turbo type grinding machine into aluminum and plastic fine powders. Then separated by the rotary screen, the big size will back into the grinding machine and the fine powders will into the electrostatic separator, finally the aluminum and plastic would be separated.

Main machines::

Crusher step-shearing style cutter can resolvethe force bored by cuttings, and increase theforce of cutting greatly. Blade quality have9CrSi, Cr12MoV, SKD-l , D2 etc. Can becustomized according to customer.
New abrasive disk design, high capacitygood Wear Resistance, the service life is twotimes longer than the common abrasive disk.
Circular vibrating screen:Large Size Recyclefor Second Time Grinding. Feedback systemmakes the grind much more effective.
The negative pressure feeding systemprevent the dust from running out.
Air cooler and circulating water systemused to control temperature and reducenoise of the grinding system.