Can flattening machine

Can flattening machine


3 times/min



Product Introduction

The baler machine is mainly used for compressing scrap tires, plastic, clothes.paper,carton,woven bag,textile,cotton,cotton wool,linen,clothing,wheafstraw,medicinal materials, straw, rice husk,aluminum can and other wastematerials into bales.After compressing, it is easy to transport, so save storagearea,transportation cost and labor cost,meanwhile,be beneficial to theenvironment and waste recycling. Easy operation,durable,long service life.high efficiency, energy saving and low consumption.

The baler machine is designed with vertical structure,hydraulic transmission,electrical control and manual binding.And it is a good machine to improve laborefficiency, reduce labor intensity, and reduce transport costs.

Main machines::

All models are driven by hydraulic pressure;
There are different ways of discharging materials,such as bag turning, bagpushing ( side pushing and front pushing ) or manual bag taking ( packaging ).
Installation does not require foot screws,and diesel engine can be used aspower source where there is no power source.
There are ten grades of squeezing force from 5 tons to 200 tons, which can beselected by users, and the production efficiency is from 4 tons / shift to 40 tonsshift;
The size of compression chamber and package block can be customizedaccording to customer requirements;