Paint removal equipment for cans

Paint removal equipment for cans




Product Introduction

The continuous charcoal making machine, machine also named continuous pyrolysis furnace is a new type of machine that feeds raw materials and outputs finished materials at the same time. It belongs to an external heating drying and carbonization integrated machine.The flue gas generated in the entire production process is self-utilized, and the exhaust gas passes through the flue gas treatment device.Processing, does not pollute the environment, after technical improvement, the furnace can also be used to recycle and process electronic waste, and realize the recycling of metals and pyrolysis the plastic into carbon, realizing the sorting of metal and plastic.

1.Metal recycling: aluminum capacitor recycling, circuit board recycling, waste wire recycling 2.Biomass carbonization: carbonization of biological wastes such as coconut shell, palm shell, hemp,sawdust and so on. 3.Recycling waste clothes to make carbon powder particles

Main machines::

Biomass particles or e-waste with a particle size of less than 50mm and a moisture content of less than 20% can be directly entered into the first-type machine for carbonization.

For example, sawdust, coconut shells, fruit shells, palm shells, etc. can be directly carbonized;

larger (50mm or more) raw materials, such as aluminum capacitors, wires, waste clothes, wood branches, etc.,need to be shredded and then carbonized;

if the moisture exceeds 30%, it needs to be dried in advance.